Whether you want to relax and take in the sunshine or you enjoy hiking and other adventures, St. Vincent and the Grenadines has an option for you.

Our Mainland St. Vincent has a mountainous terrain and consists of exotic black sand beaches and tons of river and waterfalls to explore. Awe-inpiring views await those who tackle the hike up our dormant volcano La Soufriere.

La Soufriere volcano
One of our black sand beaches

Other note worthy places to visit on the mainland is the Fort Challotte where you can take in pictureque ocean views, the Dark View Falls to experience the feel of the cold waterfall coming down on your back or the Owia Salt Pond which is like a big pool made from nature.

Fort Charlotte
Dark View Falls
Owia Salt Pond

Our Grenadines consists of the lovely white sand beaches that the Caribbean is known for and crystal waters. Take our 45 minute ferry from the mainland to the biggest Grenadine Island Bequia or organize a flight or charter to the smaller islands.

Must visits in the Grenadines include the Princess Margaret beach in Bequia that is as unspoiled as you may get in the Caribbean, if you’re lucky you might practically have an area of beach to yourself, which is rare on most Caribbean islands filled with tourists. The Happy Island in Union Island is a man-made island, made of conch shells and houses a bar. Make sure you have cameras ready for the beautiful aqua waters of the Tobago Cays where you may come across turtles, in this protected marine park.

Princess Margaret Beach
Happy Island
Tobago Cays Marine Park